Parents are familiar with the corral, also known as the playpen, as it is required by many people. It is a necessity because it keeps children safe and secure, while parents can continue their work. Many people find it useful to be able to move the playpens or corrals from one room to another. This allows them to keep their children safe and secure.

This is particularly important for parents who have to work around the house, or where there are many places the child could crawl into. The best baby corrals protect your belongings and keep your child safe.


These are the main things you should look for in a baby Corral:

JPMA Certification: To ensure your corral is safe for your child’s safety, you should first look at the JPMA certification label.

  • The playpen sides should not exceed 20 inches from the floor of a corral.
  • The corral should have at least one-inch of firm mattress padding at its bottom.

The mesh sides of corrals should not have holes larger than 0.6cm. This is to ensure that the little fingers of babies don’t get caught in the holes. You should ensure that the net is securely fastened and inspect it regularly for cracks or tears.

  • If the corral has wooden slats, the width should not exceed 2-3 inches.
  • The corral lock should be kept out of reach of children.
  • It is important to secure the hinges and corral support system.
  • These are not the only key characteristics of a corral.


Size: Some corrals are capable of accommodating more than one child. Others can hold at most 2 or 3. Before you buy, make sure to check the dimensions.

Safety: The safety of the corral’s is an important factor. It is more likely that it will sell than it is unsecure. Security features include the lock, hinges and whether the corral is child-friendly.

Design and Color: Finally, corrals should be made in colors the children love. Bright colors are always appealing to children, while dull colors can be a bit strange and unappetizing. The color of the corral should also be considered.

  • Safety Notes for Playpen
  • Use pillows and cushions only in corrals.
  • It is very dangerous to replace the mattress or pads as it might not fit.
  • Always place the baby on their back to go to sleep.
  • The corrals shouldn’t be too close to windows.
  • Corrals should not be used by children unless they have learned how to climb out.

You can search online to find out which baby corrals are compatible with your child. You can also benefit from reading baby corral reviews.