Baby Care Tips for New Mothers


Baby Care Tips for New Mothers

My emotions were so mixed when I gave birth. I was both excited and nervous about how I would handle this Baby Care Tips responsibility. My baby was my greatest challenge. I often wondered if I was being a good mom. But the one thing that I learned was to be patient! Now, my little one is six months old and I want to share the lessons I learned as a new mother.

Everyday, give your baby a massage using olive/ coconut oil. In the beginning, I used to massage my baby once per day. Later, I started doing it twice daily. Wrap your baby in a blanket after the massage so that they can rest and sleep well.

If there is an imbalance between foremilk and hindmilk, green poop can be common in infants who have been formula-fed or have a cold. You don’t need to worry about stool colour unless it is too dark or bloody.

Baby should only drink breast milk

You don’t have to give formula to your baby if you can produce enough breast milk. Hold your baby on your shoulders and back until he burps. To ensure that milk is easily digested, it is important to burp your baby.

Colic in babies is now a normal occurrence

We mothers worry when our baby cries and cry. You don’t need to be worried. Your baby should be given tummy time a few times per day. Massage your baby’s stomach in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Teething problems are also common in babies

Use clean fingers to gently massage the baby’s gums. To Baby Care Tips massage my baby’s gums, I use a Silicone Finger Baby Brush.

Hygiene is essential for your baby

Before you touch the baby, wash your hands and change your bed linens often. It is important to maintain good diaper hygiene. Change your baby’s diaper every other day. Before you put the diaper on your baby, use a diaper rash cream and coconut oil. My baby loves the Himalaya rash treatment.

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