Sleep Sacks and Sleep Bags. Wearable Blankets.


You want to know the topic I am asked about nearly every day? There are three types of sleep sacks: wearable blankets, sleep bags and sleep sacks. All of these terms refer to the same thing: a zip-up bag with sleeves that can be used as an alternative blanket for your child or toddler.

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Cara, why are you so in love with them?

1. Safety!

It is unsafe to use loose bedding in your baby’s crib or bassinet. Read more about The American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) recommendations here and here. You can also download my safe sleep checklist.

2. Warmth!

Many children are active sleepers. Even though children are old enough to use blankets, they are often tossed or rolled away. A Sleep Sack(r), however, is a blanket that your baby wears all night.

3. Sleep cue

Did you know that your brain signals that you are getting to sleep by pulling up your sheets when you go to bed at night? Your baby is the same. Your baby’s brain gets a signal when you zip up the sleep bag.

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4. Mobility Limits

Your baby will be able to crawl, pull-up, walk, and climb. We don’t want her to practice these skills while she is still in her crib. We want her to sleep! Sleep sacks make it more difficult for little ones to move around and help them sleep. A Sleep Sack can make it more difficult for a child to climb out of a crib by making it harder for them to reach the top of the crib.

What is the best time to start sleeping in a bag?

When your baby starts to roll, it is a great time to get a sleep bag.

Are you a parent of a baby younger than 12 weeks old? My newborn class will teach you how to swaddle and turn a swaddle hater into a swaddle lover.

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When is it time to get rid of the Sleep Sack(r).

Many parents opt to move their child from sleep sacks and wearable blankets to a toddler bed when they are ready.

Are you unsure if it is time? This blog will help you decide. You don’t have to rush into the toddler bed or out of your sleep bag!

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What is a TOG rating and how do you know it?

TOG is shorthand for “thermal overall Grade,” which is a term used in the textile industry. This is how warm your Sleep Sack will be. It can be compared to a sheet (.5) or blanket (1.0) and a heavy comforter (2.5) Many companies offer temperature range recommendations that go along with their TOG ratings. Consider your needs and preferences when shopping for a new home.