How to turn your phone into a baby monitor


How to turn your phone into a baby monitor

You want to be sure that your baby is safe in their bassinet or crib? Your smartphone is the best option. Your smartphone can double as a baby monitor thanks to a variety of apps.

One big advantage of a phone-based monitor is that it allows parents to check in on their child from anywhere and at any time. Even for sleep-deprived parents, setup is easy.

Some parents might be hesitant to stream what happens in their nursery, particularly in light of recent news stories about hacking monitors. Despite the fact that it is scary, there are very low chances of it happening.

Scott Steinberg, technology expert and author, says that as long as you use a secure solution, and have an adequate protected network and account you are probably safe. Still, a little extra precaution can’t hurt.

He says, “Make sure your Wi Fi network is password protected and use the strongest password you can.” You shouldn’t choose obvious passwords like your username, your birthday, or 123456. You should also resist the temptation of uploading your monitor feed to the Web to share it with friends.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Using Your Smartphone As a Baby Monitor

You’ll need to get an old tablet or smartphone, and you can use them both for this hack. You don’t need cellular service, so you don’t have to buy it. Your extra tablet or phone can be used as a baby camera. It will only require internet access.

Next, download the app you want onto both devices. Then, place the additional device in the nursery. Point the camera at the bassinet or crib. Steinberg advises that you place the phone so that your baby can see it, but not too far to make it difficult to understand what’s happening. Make sure your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Also, make sure it is plugged into an electrical outlet to provide power. ).

This will act as the camera, the other the monitor. To keep your baby’s video streams private and accessible only to you, make sure you enable the app’s enhanced security features before you press the switch.

The Best Baby Monitoring Apps

How can you choose the right monitoring app for your family among all the available? We turned to Tim Baran (app specialist and blog editor at Rocket Matter), a legal software company, to help us choose the best. These are Tim Baran’s top three choices for apps.

Cloud Baby Monitor

Cloud Baby Monitor by VIGI Limited is $5.99 at the App store/$4.99 on Google Play. This tricked-out app broadcasts audio and video, so you can listen to your baby’s sounds, see their movements, and even sing to them to sleep. For extra security, industry-standard encryption secures all communications. Available for both iOS and Android.

Baran says that the device also offers motion and noise alerts to make sure your baby is aware of any discomfort.

Bonus: To turn your Apple TV, Apple TV, and Apple Watch into a station, you can download the companion app.

Dormi Baby Monitor

Dormi by Sloughbit, a popular Android app, allows audio and video streaming. This means you can see and hear your baby and also communicate with them remotely. If your child begins crying while you are talking on your phone, your phone will vibrate to alert you. Dormi works over Wi-Fi or cellular networks and can be used at any distance. You can also connect as many Android devices you want.

Baby Monitor 3G

Baby Monitor 3G from TappyTaps ($5.99), like Cloud Baby Monitor, lets you mix and match devices running on iOS and Android. Baran says that the app transmits live video or snapshots from your baby’s room, sends vibration alerts and lets your baby hear your voice. The app uses industry-standard encryption and can be used with any Internet connection (Wi-Fi, cellular). You can also check in from your Mac, Chromebook, or PC.

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