Viking Cooking School: Greenwood and Mississippi


Classes at the Viking Cooking School

We signed up to the Indulgent dinner party class, but there are so many others! All of them sound intriguing: The New York Steak Class, From Farm to Table and Date Night in Big Easy. The class that I would most like to go back to Viking Cooking School to learn is the one featuring the Southern Specialties in The Help. (The Help was shot in the Greenwood, Mississippi region. This class teaches you how to make fried chicken.

It’s true, even though it is sad. I am a southern lady who does not know how to fry chicken. This skill is something that I am severely lacking in my life. Can I truly say that I am a southern woman if I don’t have a good recipe for fried chicken?

Tip: It is a good idea to book your tickets in advance for your Viking Cooking School trip, as they fill quickly.

Cooking We had the following

  • Champagne butter sauce on lobster cakes
  • Salad with goat cheese and herbes de provence
  • Filet with bacon jam
  • Sweet potatoes and roasted red bliss
  • Chocolate creme brulee topped with fresh raspberries
  • It was just as delicious as it sounds

They were great chefs and organized the event beautifully. The instructions were clear and all components were done at the correct time.

Although my husband and I are not chefs, our friends and we enjoy cooking and have years of experience from cooking. You don’t have to be a professional chef to take part in the Viking Cooking School classes. The instructions are clear and easy enough to follow for even the most novice cook. Their classes are attended by 77,000 people each year, they claim. This means that employees and chefs have had to work with chefs of all levels.

The chef and her assistants were friendly, warm, and very adept at managing the group. They were professional and kept things moving without getting too serious. It was a lot of fun. As we chopped and fried, we laughed and joked. We hoped that the four of us were not too rowdy

If you’re wondering if this class was just to increase sales of Viking products, I can assure that there wasn’t any pressure to buy anything. The Viking appliances and utensils were great, but the class was about the cooking.

We didn’t create a perfect meal. We had to return our goat cheese from the pan as it was still warm in the middle. Kathy’s steak was accidentally cooked too rare, but we were able to make it delicious with some tweaks.