BDO Cooking Honey: Utensils and Time


How to BDO Cooking Honey Benefits?

  • You can make millions of dollars each BDO Cooking Honey day by Imperial.
  • Cook food that restores worker stamina.
  • Earn cooking byproducts
  • Contribution EXP + BDO Cooking Honey XP
  • Milk or beer
  • BDO Cooking Honey is a fun life skill that you can make as easy or as complicated as you like.
  • Have you had a long day? Do you want a simple, delicious meal that is easy to prepare and great for your health? Vinegar!
  • You are looking for a recipe that requires a calculator, notebooks and a call to a friend? Every other dish! Ha! It was a joke.
  • Our BDO Cooking Honey Recipes List displays Cooking EXP, Cooking Level Requirements, Food Stats, and Ingredients with Filters and Search.

BDO Cooking Honey NPC Vendors

Cooking requires that you know how to find Cooking Vendors.

  • You will also need a general cooking vendor, which can be found in most major cities and towns.
  • General Cooking Vendors: Sell basic cooking utensils as well as common ingredients such salt, sugar, etc.
  • The titles of NPCs who are include Innkeeper, Farm Vendor and Cook.
  • Click the Find NPC icon at the top of your window to locate the closest one. It looks like a magnifying lens.

This search will also allow you to find other Cooking vendors. You can search for “Fruit” and “Seed”, for example. It will be displayed if it is in the title or name of the person.

Vegetable & Fruit Cooking Vendor

  • You should also be aware of a few other unique Cooking vendors.
  • Fruit & Vegetable Vendor: Milano Belucci in Calpheon City
  • Strawberry can be purchased for 700 silver each. Strawberry is the most affordable fruit, and can be used in all types of fruit recipes.
  • Paprika can be purchased for 850 Silver each. Paprika can also be used in all kinds of vegetable recipes.

Cooking Ingredients Via Farming

You can also obtain ingredients through the Farming Life Skill.

  • Ahr, Calpheon City Seed Vendor
  • Buy Seeds to Plant Your Own Food Crops
  • Prices from 220 to 4.5k Silver each
  • Carrot Seed
  • Garlic Seed
  • Grape Seed
  • Hot Pepper Seed
  • Olive Seed

BDO Cooking Honey Utensils

  • Once you have your Cooking Ingredients, you’ll need a Cooking Utensil.
  • Get a Cooking Utensil
  • NPC Cooking vendors (very limited selection)
  • Marketplace (nice selection but limited supply and demand pricing and availability).
  • You can make one by buying a Tool Workshop type housing and hiring a worker